Help your customers convert data to your online accounting software

We know that migrating business-critical data to your software is one your biggest challenges during customer onboarding. Converting data is a complex process that we have radically simplified. Our software does the hard work of converting data.

Blazing fast

Almost all migrations are completed within 12.5 minutes

100% success rate

All migrations have a 100% success rate. 

100% secure

Hosted in the most secure cloud in the world.

Expert technical support

A dedicated team of accountants and technology experts are available for assistance.

Converting data has never been easier

Customers can move their data in just 4 simple steps:

Prepare your accounts

Get everything ready for a smooth transition

Share your data

Dataswitcher can migrate from desktop or online accounting software

Share your data​

Dataswitcher can migrate from desktop or online accounting software​

Connect to your new system

Allow Dataswitcher to migrate your data

Review your data

Confirm that migration has been successful

Review your data

Confirm that migration has been successful

Congratulations 🎉

The customers data has successfully converted to your accounting software

Converting from and to all the major accounting plaforms​

Others accounting platforms use Dataswitcher to help their clients move data successfully

Onboarding your customers has never been easier

Contact us to discuss offering free data migration to your customers.

Book a demo

Dataswitcher Demo

A personal meeting with one of our team to show the possibilities of Dataswitcher.

Duration: 30 minutes

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Dataswitcher.

It could take up to 48 hours to migrate your data, although usually it is much faster – 90% of conversions take 12.5 minutes or less. During the conversion you must not access or use your new accounting software.

Your data will be stored on AWS and protected using industry-standard SSL encryption when using Dataswitcher.

Your legacy data is converted to Dataswitcher format and validated before posting to the new accounting system.

Once your conversion is approved, your data is deleted from Dataswitcher servers.

Every accounting system has its own nuances, please check the conversion limitations document for the service you wish to migrate from.

Depending on the source accounting system, the following data may not be converted:

  • Budgets
  • Memorised transactions
  • Invoice template and other templates
  • Jobs that are not attached to transactions
  • Attachments
  • Non-posting entries (estimates)
  • Deleted transactions
  • Reversed journal entries
  • Bank reconciliation history
  • Fixed Assets
  • Payroll records
  • Sales orders
  • Work tickets

Most conversion paths are free! Your software vendor subsidises the cost of converting your data to help onboard you onto their system as seamlessly as possible. This often includes 2 years of data.

You may purchase optional extras, such as additional years data in the Dataswitcher wizard.

No, the conversion must be to a new, empty destination file.

Dataswitcher will migrate an unlimited number of transactions. Very large files will take longer to convert.

Yes! We make a copy of your data and convert it to your new system. Your old accounting software is unchanged.