Worlds leading data conversion platform for accounting software

The easiest, fastest and most reliable for transferring historical data to your new accounting software

Blazing fast

Almost all migrations are completed within 12.5 minutes

100% success rate

All migrations have a 100% success rate. 

Just one solution

Multiple conversion tiers so you can select which data comes across!

100% secure

Hosted in the most secure cloud in the world.

Converting from and to all the major accounting plaforms​

9 out of 10 users would actively promote DataSwitcher to others​

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‘Excellent level of continual support and assistance through the entire process of switching service providers.’
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‘These guys are amazing, they know what they are talking about and have worked wonders with this conversion. Highly recommend, if I could score more than 10 I would! Thanks guys!’
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We got it covered​

Don’t worry! All the things you care about in a conversion, we've got it covered:

Dataswitcher takes converting data to the next level

We are a high-tech company at heart, with a profound passion for doing things smarter! We have combined our financial knowledge, feedback from our accountancy partners globally and the requirements of software vendors to create the ultimate data conversion platform that is tried, tested and proven.

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