Secrets to Seamless Data Conversion with Dataswitcher

Secrets to Seamless Data Conversion with Dataswitcher

Data Migration Best Practices

Making the switch between accounting systems can be a game-changer for your company’s efficiency. Dataswitcher is the bridge between financial systems by way of a seamless conversion. 

Let’s walk through the essential steps to guarantee a successful transition.

Step 1: Start with an empty company and configure the required settings 

Dataswitcher requires a clean slate to work its magic. This mandatory step ensures a smooth and error-free conversion process.

Imagine trying to fit an entirely new puzzle into a puzzle board where there are already some pieces in place—it just won’t work. 

But what if you already have data in your QuickBooks online account? Before you start we recommend that you delete your data in QuickBooks Online and start over.

Step 2: Make a Pre-conversion Backup

Before making any significant changes, it’s wise to secure everything with a backup. This step is your safety net, especially when tax or audit-related concerns arise. 

If you are coming from a cloud system like Xero that does not allow creating a backup – you need to generate and export audit data reports before conversion. 

Step 3: Reconcile Your Accounts

Reconciling your accounts before conversion untangles any financial complexities, setting the stage for a smoother, error-free migration journey. It also makes it easier to spot any conversion differences in the new system. 

Step 4: Match Entries

For an effortless conversion experience, consider matching outstanding payments and sales to their respective invoices. It might take a bit of effort, but the ease of finding what you need post-conversion is worth it. Don’t leave loose ends; match them now for an easier transition. Otherwise, they will be brought over as journal entries to close the conversion – and you still have to match them manually after migration.

Step 5: Clean Up Nominal Codes 

While optional, cleaning up nominal codes is the same as decluttering your workspace or clearing our the spare room before moving house.  Removing unnecessary accounts ensures a neat and organized transition. The post-conversion landscape will be much easier to navigate without the baggage of unnecessary data.

Step 6: System-Specific Pre-conversion Checklist

Different systems, different quirks. Ensure you follow your system-specific pre-conversion checklist. It’s the final touch, to make sure everything aligns perfectly.

Not sure where to find the instructions? You can visit Dataswitcher’s Support page for more information.  

These steps act as guides in your conversion journey with Dataswitcher. Each step plays a crucial role, contributing to the overall success of the migration. So gear up, and follow these steps for a seamless, effortless migration.